Sunday, February 26, 2012


The following is an actual conversation. These are not actors. These are waiters.

Situation: New Job           Time: 11:30 PM (ish)

Scene: Co-workers and myself "hanging-out" (polishing silver) back of house while we talk (semi-complain) about life

Co-worker #1: "Hot people don't have real problems"

Before I could muster out my response of, "Um, excuse me. As a prim/proper Catholic woman I know I should be completely and morally opposed to you calling me that, but thanks(?) For the compliment...also, what do you mean, 'hot people don't have problems?' are you trying to say that deciding between getting a Grande Iced Mocha and a Venti Iced Mocha on my break isn't a real problem!?"

Co-worker #2 chimed in: "Yeah seriously, Jessica Simpson throwing a hissy fit about being pregnant is not news worthy"

Emily: (again thinking to myself) "Oh you weren't calling me hot? But people say I look just like Jessica Simpson!"

Dear Co-workers,

Thanks for:
The two second ego boost.
The immediate serving of humble pie
Inspiration for the latest blog post

Your not so hot co-worker


  1. ha!!!

    I vant to hear about the new job1

  2. Craving another post! Satisfy me please:}