Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Restaurant Bacon

Growing up my mom would make us pretty much anything we wanted for breakfast. I describe her as a short order cook. The only difference between breakfast at home or at a restaurant was the bacon. At home we ate Turkey Bacon
When I was about 7 I finally picked up on this 'difference' and whenever we would go out to eat I would be sure to ask the waitress, "Do you have restaurant bacon?" This went on for about a year until I was at a friends house. They served me eggs and 'restaurant' bacon. I was so shocked I ran home and told my mom, "Mom! Miss Kitty knows how to make restaurant bacon!"

Dear Mom,

Thanks for saving me from potential heart disease by serving me turkey bacon for most of my life (even if I did feel a little deceived at first). Also, thank you for giving my a great story to tell on a first date that went so poorly I had to break out the 'turkey bacon' childhood story.

LOL (lots of love),

Your 'now basically a vegetarian' daughter

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  1. HAHAHAHA. restaurant bacon. omg you and grace need to pair up and write a post about your childhood. freaking comedians.