Friday, March 1, 2013

Hold On Bollywood, I'm coming!

So it's official. After a brief moment of panic and some confusing e-mails confirming my U.S. citizenship, I am going to India!

This isn't just an idea anymore.

The travel visa was approved and is now pasted into my passport. I can't just let that go to waste right? Right.
Blurry phone photos are my forte, what can I say?
Aside from the several vaccines I still have to get, and the (several more) shots of whiskey I plan to take to calm my nerves before the flight takes off, we are good to go.

But because I can never be a full on Optimistic Olivia, the only complaint I have to make is the annoyance of telling people I'm going. 
The conversation has generally gone a little something like this:

Random person: Em, I'm been awhile! Where have you been?

Emily: Oh, Um, I've been busy, but around. I'm going to India in a few weeks so I've been doing a lot of planning and stuff for that, you know.

RP: Wait what?! That's awesome. Are you thinking about becoming a nun or something?

E: Um, no.

RP: Oh. Mission work then?

E. Um, no. (Uncomfortable chuckle) I'm just going with some friends for the Festival of Holi.

RP: Festival of Holy? What's that?

E: It's um, also called the Festival of Colors? It's technically a pagan holiday. You throw colored dust in the air and it's a week long celebration. Sort of like an Indian Woodstock. 

RP: (Blank stare)

This is where I start rambling on fast (really fast) about how I'm not going to India just to party. So I talk about how I'm also going to: 
Ride an elephant! 
And see the Taj Mahal!
And The Amber Fort!
 And lots! of! exciting! and! cultural! and! life changing! things.
But it's too late. I've already lost them. 
To them I'm just another irresponsible party girl going though a quarter life crisis wasting away a very generous portion of my life's savings.
At first I was annoyed some people reacted that way. Then I started saying things like,

So, I won't be able to make it to your board game night. I'll be in India.
Sorry I can't come to your Tupper Ware party, I'll be in India.

Whatever people. Enjoy your wine and cheese party. I hope the thrill of those wine tannins really do it for ya. 
I'm going to India.

20 days 18 hours 12 minutes and countingggg.... till this craziness ensues. 


  1. What????

    Color me jealous with some of that smoke.

  2. That's awesome. I can't wait to hear more about this adventure!

  3. Have I mentioned that visiting Pakistan is creeping higher on my Bucket List?

  4. I'm suddenly getting all kinds of questions about my family's affinity for India from the Pakistani visa officials!!

  5. EM! You are going to LOVE it there! I know we talk about this in person, but I felt like I needed to affirm your decision via Blogger too.

    p.s. I never saw any elephants while I was there so you have to give the one you get to ride a big hug for me. :)

  6. hi! did grace tell you i just got back from india? no not for a mission trip. for vacation. ha. i got similar looks from people when i said that. you're going to have a ball! you're also going to be tired. and a little overwhelmed. but you'll be fine.

  7. hi, I'm dana and I found your blog through Grace's and. . . is it ok if I follow you now? ok. I live in Utah and there's a temple close to where I live where they do a festival of colors and it's awwwwesome. The first time I went I had no idea what I was going to, i just tagged along with a couple of friends who were going "some hare krishna festival thing" and I came back completely hot pink/technicolored. it's a pretty good time!

  8. You go girl! :) (literally, GO!)
    So excited for you

  9. Ahem, ahem. You can't just be all "oh, you know, just jetting off to India for a little Festival of Holi celebration" and then leave us hanging. I do believe you've been back for what? A week? Two weeks? Updates please! I would like to live vicariously through your pictures and stories. I'm selfish like that.

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