Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Filler Post

Whenever my stellar sister even hints at the fact that I have a blog on her wildly wild successful blog I go into a slight panic that someone besides my dad is going to read a post or two. But you lovely visitors were so SO sweet. Leaving comments and giving me the Holy Grail of all compliments: that we have a similar sense of humor, I almost died of Over Affirmation. OA: a real disease that affects at least 3% of the population in the U.S. alone.*

I believe what I'm trying to say is: Thank you for your kind words and for even taking a second to read the ridiculousness that is my life.

 Anyway, believe it or not one thing my sister and I do NOT have in common is our ability to multitask, and by that I mean: she can, I cannotWhile she is busying raising children, saving the world and keeping so many people sane via her stand-up routine at the Camp, I have a hard time keeping my own basic hygiene in check and making sure I eat two vegtables a day. (That's the FDA's suggested serving right? 2 veggies, 12 carbs and 100 bite sized Reese's peanut-butter cups a day keep the doctor at bay?) That's what I thought. 

Because I am busy stuffing my face with choco-latte, and what was the phrase I embarrassingly used before? Oh yes, 'still processing it all' double gag again, sorry. I wanted to direct to another post about India by way of my dear friend Tina. This is a story I almost wish had happened to me while we over there. Just so I would have the pleasure of telling it at a bar when I find myself in one of those "I really need to get out of this conversation, what can I say to get this person to stop talking?" type situations. But lucky for you, instead I'll use it as a way of distracting you from the fact that I haven't written another post about India yet. 

So please go. Right now go! Read all about her adventure with the public toilets of India and enjoy a good laugh at our expense.

*Cited from The American Journal of BullSh*t Disorders.


  1. There has been so much talk of urine on our blogs lately we might as well just up and become mommy bloggers (oh em gosh that term-NO. pinky promise I will never use it again). Children not necessary.

    Double Stuf Oreos have their own (large) segment of the food pyramid, right? Because I have been dutifully going to town on a family-sized pack (almost went with the regular size, but...nope) these past couple days. I have zero grains of self-control. Rolled my eyes allll the way back in my head and sighed not dramatically as I slaved over sautéing broccoli tonight. I should probably switch over to health food blogging because I've so got this down.

    Over Affirmation. I like. Another addition for our list of our groundbreaking additions for the DSM V.

  2. You are selling yourself short. I think we all know you are the top Seaton girl. Maybe I am just forever grateful of that summer you agreed to take vanity shots of us tanning by the pool and you NEVER outwardly judged. Seriously, why didn't you tell us we were being ridiculous?

    1. Are you kidding? I definitely never judged. I don't think 11 yr old Emily really understood the appeal of looking tan, but I do remember idolizing you two and wishing I could make hanging out by the pool look half as cool as you guys did.

  3. Just confirming that I'm looking forward to a second "India report" installment by........the July 4th holiday! :-) Much love, Eagle-Eye in the 505 ps You could always post the WSJ cartoon sent to you and your brilliant siblings.....

  4. I found your blog via Grace's blog and I absolutely love them both!!! I cannot wait to hear more about India! Your posts are always hilarious! :)